Asterisk PBX Utilities


Windows IAXy Provisioning Application

(c)2005 Antonio da Costa

This is a from-the-ground-up development of a means of provisioning Digium, Inc. IAXy(S100i) devices using a Windows environment. For some users, being bound to Linux for IAXy provisioning is not viable or convenient in some cases. This application provides a GUI data entry for the various IAXy parameters and communicates the new parameters to the selected IAXy. 

You are free to do with this application as you wish. It is provided as-is with the hope that it will make someone's day a little easier.

Revision Notes

1.02 Added 00:03:64(Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.) OUI to subnet scan to allow location of some newer IAXy devices.

1.01 Added subnet scan feature for Digium devices with 00:0F:D3 OUI MAC addresses. Note that this feature only works on Windows 2000/XP platforms--Windows 95/98/Me are not supported. This feature only works when the IAXy is on the same subnet as the machine performing the scan!

1.00 Original Release

Download v1.02